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General Discussions / Production differences in Anna's music
« on: January 07, 2014, 08:26:24 PM »
Edit: Beginning with a discussion of Fire, we move into wider thoughts on the production of Anna's music in general. What are everyone's thoughts?

Thanks. I'm wondering because the production is far from perfect in comparison with pretty much anything she released before One Breath. The reverbs on the vocals sound too synthetic in my opinion, although they are still better than those in The Bridge, Sing To Me (backing vocals), Cry (backing vocals), etc. Also, it worries me a bit that Fire is yet another song in which the bass frequencies are much too loud. Too much bass amounts to less details and result in the song sounding a bit dull. I think Rob Ellis did such a fantastic job with Anna's debut because it sounded really natural and well-balanced, whereas Congleton's production of One Breath is a bit bland and, I'd say, not a good job from the technical point of view. I hope she doesn't collaborate with him anymore, to be frank...

B-Sides & Covers / Fire
« on: January 07, 2014, 06:51:52 PM »
I haven't got my copy of Suddenly yet, and I have a question. Is John Congleton the producer of Fire?

General Discussions / The Calvi Coat of Arms
« on: January 01, 2014, 10:48:59 PM »
Because of Pete's post, I think this actually deserves a separate thread.
So, here's the link to the crest:

I loved this: quite a bit rings a bell with me .... But thanks also for the link to the Calvi family crest: obviously these are commercial sites, intended to sell stuff to - particularly American - people who have, or liked to think they have, some family link, but this seems to have interesting and credible material. I had assumed that the family name had something to do with "skull" or "bald"(!) i.e. that it derived from the Latin calvus; there was a 1st century Roman poet called Licinius Calvus. But a derivation from the place name obviously makes sense, so we needn't worry that Anna will one day revert to her family type and go bald!

Haha, I know about "bald," but there's also a Latin verb calvor, calvī, which means "to deceive." This is an intriguing notion, but an unsettling one too.

Contemporary Notables of the name Calvi

    Roberto Calvi (1920-1982), Italian banker and financier, nicknamed "God's Banker" becasue of his close association with the Holy See
    Pino Calvi (1930-1989), Italian pianist, arranger and conductor
    Ignazio Calvi (1797-1872), Italian patriot and chess player
    Pompeo Calvi (1806-1884), Italian painter
    Ercole Calvi (1824-1900), Italian painter
    Anna Margaret Michelle Calvi (b. 1980), English musician
    Julius M. Calvi (1917-2009), American attorney and politician, Mayor North Adams, Massachusetts (1956-1958)

I know quite a bit about Roberto Calvi who was the chairman of Banco Ambrosiano and "commited suicide" (was murdered by the Mafia) in 1982. And I quite like Pompeo Calvi's paintings:

General Discussions / You know you're an Anna Calvi fan when...
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:47:38 AM »
It's a classic "You know you're a fan" thread. I remember seeing an excellent tumblr post by Molly and Chris about it, but I'm afraid I can't find it at the moment.

So, you know you're an Anna fan when:

1. You've listened to her albums so many times that your family make disappointed grimaces every time you happily announce it's time to listen to Anna again. Even if 95% of the time you listen to her on headphones, so they have barely heard anything.
2. You named your home wi-fi network "AnnaCalvi" because you figured it possible that your neighbors would see it, google the name, and fall in love with her music.
3. You have pictures of her set as wallpapers, lock screens, etc. on every device possible.
4. You tried saying something to her during a live gig and failed miserably.
5. You've seen the Calvi Coat of Arms, and you think Anna should be a queen.
6. You can't afford to buy any other artists' albums because you spend everything on Anna's CDs, LPs, and singles.
7. Seeing the chord she was holding, you can tell which song she was playing when a given picture was taken. Well, at least sometimes.
8. You know every single song out there that features Anna in any way.
9. You get excited when you see new pictures of Anna.
10. You tried frozen peas because of Anna and loved it.
11. You've seen tutorial videos with techniques to steam clothes while wearing them without the intention to do it yourself.
12. The Anna Calvi fan community is your favorite fan community ever.
13. Every time someone compliments Anna and her music, you feel strangely proud.
14. You play the Jezebel drum intro wherever you go. Usually, you use your fingers against hard surfaces, which results in your hands hurting like hell.
15. You do the same with the Suzanne & I intro.
16. You've got some pictures of Anna on your bedroom walls because why the hell not.
17. Your friends tell you there hasn't been a single conversation in a long time in which the name "Anna" didn't appear at some point.
18. You never fail to make a reference to Anna, regardless of the subject discussed. Many references go unnoticed because they are only references in your own mind.
19. You've got your favorite Anna outfits and hairstyles, but you would never dare imitate her style.
20. You feel protective towards Anna, and you get mad when someone disrespects her.

I'm waiting for yours!

News & Interviews / Anna's tumblr answers
« on: December 21, 2013, 09:58:44 PM »
"Q Is “Cristal Conners” an old pen-name of yours? I found a song on Myspace called “The Ballad of Cristal Conners” and the singer sounds exactly like you. Since the “Cristal Conners” profile is friends with yours (that’s how I found it) I figured you probably know something about it? If you did write it could you tell us a little about the history behind it?

A haha Cristal Conners! Showgirls is awful, and yet really great at the same time!  I don’t think that’s me…"

Was that a joke or did she just lie?

Photography & Fashion / Pictures of Anna smiling
« on: November 26, 2013, 12:48:10 PM »
Since Anna's smile is not a very common sight, which I wish it was, let's post all the pictures we've got of it!

That's enough for now I guess. :)

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