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General Discussions / Re: Thoughts on the 3rd album
« on: September 02, 2018, 09:28:22 PM »
It's a 10. Period.

Thanks AC for all the fabulous photos :).

Paris!!!! Anna let the city shake with her magnificent performance! She was everything: heavy metal and head banging, dreamy and thoughtful, sensual, sexy and sexual, playful, seducing and challenging and daring and very queer.
And she was closer than ever: the catwalk was the best idea she could ever have- Anna being inches away from us, teasing us, bumping some fans' heads with hers, ruffling some guys' hair. Then in the next moment she would stomp on the walk, proud like a king, demanding and giving and shred her guitar.  To quote some other fan: „She had her fans in the palm of her hand.“
The new songs are almost all wild and rock and like she said in an interview "more visceral, animalistic and less cerebral".  If you love "Love of my Life", then you will love these songs, too; the lyrics are very direct, personal, emotional , passionate and intimate. They are Anna's queer manifesto transferred into music: Finally she breaks all conventional chains, frees herself from the gender boundaries of society and lives her life the way she wants it to be, as the person she wants to be. "I'll be your boy, you'll be my girl/I'll be your girl, you'll be my boy". On stage she acts out this passion by throwing herself down on the catwalk, squirming and writhing, beating her good old telecaster, letting it shriek.

How this shy and private person, who still doesn't say any more than 'thank you' and 'goodbye', is able to turn her inside out, share her deepest emotions with us and let us be so close with her is one of the most fascinating experiences I've ever had. I have nothing but deepest respect and love for her, and there's no doubt that 'Hunter' will be a fantastic album. Anna Calvi remains one of the most outstanding artists ever. Period.

Filming and photographing was prohibited and I suppose they were more strictly checking on that at the Elbphilharmonie than elsewhere. I think it was officially filmed though and might be broadcast on German TV some day.

The review on that radio show was good altogether but excellent for Anna in particular, pointing out that her performance was the most outstanding one, saying that she made Bowie's songs 'her own'.

I suppose that if ‘Indies or Paradise’ is the new album title, then it bears a sort of resemblance to one of Anna’s favourite records, ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ by the Cocteau Twins. However, it does strike me as being a bit  clumsy for an album title..
It could as well just be a song title or just an extract from one of the new songs like maybe all the other polaroid subtitles. I love it how Anna this time not just simply announces the release of her new album, but provides us with many teasers to give us a lot to think about, naughty girl!  ;D


Anna meeting Jehnny Beth in LA last autumn. She was probably there to mix and arrange her album. As she posted recently: she's very close ;).

News & Interviews / Re: Anna supporting Mally in London
« on: February 11, 2018, 06:33:44 PM »
Thanks for posting the pics and videos, Michael. Lovely to see that Anna is supporting her mate Mally on these intimate gigs :). Hopefully  they are the overture  for her own forthcoming tour ;).

News & Interviews / Re: Anna , New album and Tour
« on: December 23, 2017, 05:49:48 PM »
Finally we get rewarded for our patience by Anna and with the most poetic introduction to her new work- that's the perfect Christmas gift  :).
Thanks Michael and AC for posting and finding. This festival though is probably just another Bowie tribute; the 'real' tour has yet to be announced.

Another interview:

Thanks AC for finding this and thanks to Em for this interview ;)

Maybe she used all or most of her budget from Domino on that mysterious album she announced to record in 2015, but which never saw the light of the day.  Maybe she scrapped it completely or put it in the shelf until this year.

News & Interviews / Re: Anna contributing for theatre play
« on: May 21, 2017, 09:13:17 PM »
Once more, thank you, AC :). Here's a translation of the most important parts of the interview:

The intro is an altogether very good review, describing the play as "mixture of grusical, revue-theatre and Rocky-Horror-Comic-show."
The premiere audience was very enthusiastic, giving a ten minutes standing ovation and demanding encores, of which the cast did two, and the highlight was when the composer of the songs, Anna Calvi - soft and tender in her appearance, but strong with her voice- grabbed the micro and tuned in to the songs. After the great finale where the ensemble repeated "True Lies", a song that sounds like a potential hit, the audience left the theatre happily for an after show party in the foyer.

Anna told the interviewer that she had arrived just right before the premiere because she had still been recording her album in the morning. It still doesn't have a title, but 'I Whip the Night' will be included.

David Byrne introduced her to Bob Wilson; of his work she had basically only known 'Black Rider', but none of his operas he directed.

It was great fun to write for Der Sandmann, she hadn't read the novel before, but what convinced her to do it was the character of Nathanael, his madness and insanity: it's very tempting to lose yourself in your imagination.

Anna was staying in Düsseldorf for three weeks for rehearsals; Wilson improvised with the ensemble at first without lyrics, just with the costumes and masks and he told the actors which moods he required for the different scenes: dark or light.
With these impressions Anna returned to London and tried to turn the visuals into music, she wrote about 12 hours every day for a few weeks.

The interviewer asks if she fell in love with one character in particular and she replies that she loves Nathanael and his joyful madness, it inspired her to write songs about him.  And also Christian Friedel, who plays him, is an excellent actor and singer.

Asked if Wilson's works aren't kind of artificial, she says this may appear so on the first look, but in her opinion, Wilson is observing human beings from the perspective of an alien and that's how he discovers the truly human side in them.

The rest is the usual questions and answers about how Anna discovered music, etc..

News & Interviews / Re: Anna contributing for theatre play
« on: May 21, 2017, 03:30:28 PM »
Thanks for finding this, AC :)

Anna's Music / Re: Lyrics Anna's songs in Der Sandmann
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:52:06 PM »
Interesting points, Pete! And I think Bob Wilson knew exactly why he wanted Anna to write the songs for the play, because Der Sandmann is full of drama, darkness, death, madness, love, passion and humour- just all the themes you will find in Anna-Calvi-songs, though not necessarily all at once ;).
So this is a perfect symbiosis between the two. I'd love to know how he became aware of Anna, if he was already a fan or if he saw her at the  Bowie-tributes or if someone recommended her to him. ....

News & Interviews / Re: Anna contributing for theatre play
« on: May 07, 2017, 07:32:38 PM »
That is now a very good review :)!

News & Interviews / Re: Anna contributing for theatre play
« on: May 05, 2017, 09:52:39 PM »
Thanks, AC! Actually you picked out two very different reviews, proof of how different tastes and perceptions are.
The first one is rather negative, claiming that 'Wilson is painfully repeating himself with creating another shallow designer- musical...'. About Anna's music they write:'.....the band is very skilled, but the songs are low level.......The compositions are sort of picked up from Morricone and Schubert, mixed with 80s pop and the kitschy final choral sounds even like The BeeGees after smoking dope.....'  :o

The second review is rather good, though still not totally enthusiastic with Anna's music: '....the songs are fitting, picking up influences from fairground waltzes and circus aesthetics and grunge . But basically they are straightforward written musical songs,  they can sound like a hymn (Sunday Light)  or like rock, they are all pose and calculated effect....'

Thanks a lot for your review, Agnes, and for recording a few snippets of the play :).
The music really sounds beautiful, especially this song that's apparently called "Sunday", sounds so much better than "Whip the Night" ( sorry, still not my cup of tea  ). The actors have beautiful voices, but I agree, I'd also love to hear the songs sung by Anna herself, because she still makes the difference ;).
Hopefully she'll add these songs on her album or will put them on another EP.

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