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Re: Anna at Moseley Folk Festival
« Reply #15 on: September 08, 2015, 08:41:27 PM »
Sorry it's taken me so long to post this. It's a verbal report - I did take some pictures but, frankly, they're pretty rank and add nothing to those already posted.

Anna at Moseley

A brief report!

The Moseley Folk Festival is of course mis-named: while the daytime acts were 'folkies' , the evening headliners were not. I got there very close to the beginning (at 1.00) and nearly all of the 'crowd' - in truth, there weren't that many people at all until the evening - were typical folkies - that is, middle-aged (that's being kind in some cases), grey-haired, respectable and Middle-class. Well, actually, that's a description of me, so I fitted right in. From about 5.00 younger people appeared, and proper 'pop' bands. But, we don't want to hear about them, now do we?
There were two stages next to each other, so one act performed while the other prepared, which worked well. The Main Stage was pretty small, and while there was, eventually, a barrier erected in front of it, behind which the photographers stood, apart from this the only thing between the front row of the punters and the stage was a rather unusual herbaceous border. Anyway, I was determined to be right at the front, right under Anna's nose, so I took up position about an hour before Anna was due to appear (at 7.00) in front of an almost bare stage. Anna's drums, the Vox A30 amp and some of Mally's stuff, were put up at some time before, but there wasn't a great deal of action at first. I noticed one other person standing next to me, and so I said to her 'So, you're an Anna Calvi fan as well?'. She looked at me gone out (as they say in some parts of the UK) and said that she had no idea who Anna Calvi was but was waiting for Spiritualized. Now, as I pointed out, they weren't going to be on until 9.00. Anyway, we got talking, I persuaded her to stay and she was very impressed by Anna. She's from Macedonia, and is doing a master's degree at Cambridge.  I think that's another Anna convert.
The equipment was set up and a rudimentary sound check took place - Mally, Ben and Alex appeared for this, but not Anna. Anyway, Anna came on at 7.00, introduced by Janice Long (long-standing BBC DJ), and Anna was wearing the long black coat with hair tied back - but no roses - while Mally wore the black number with silver side panels. They kicked off with Ghostrider and finished with LWBL and then Jezebel, but no encore, as such, since this was a festival and the timings were obviously crucial. Behind the acts, the screen projected a close up, so I not only had Anna, Mally etc within a few feet of me, but also close up images of Anna on the screen behind! Once I had seen that I could get very close to the stage I had popped out to the Co-Op across the road and bought a bunch of roses. So, after LWBL I duly threw these onto the stage. Anna picked one up and took it with her at the end of the set!
Anyway, I thought it was all a little bit underpowered: the crowd were a bit subdued, and while it was great to see Anna and her band without choirs or orchestras, I felt that she wasn't firing on all cylinders.
I had to leave fairly soon after to get the last train back to Bristol, but I hung around for a little bit, while DuBlonde (Beth Jeans Houghton) strutted her stuff. I saw Ben Christophers (the new keyboard player) appear then disappear by the artists' entrance, and wandered over in that direction. He came out again, and I introduced myself. No, I'm afraid I didn't get to meet Anna, Mally, or anyone else. Anyway, Ben struck me as being, of course, a very nice guy! He said that they really liked the venue, since it was so small that it seemed more like playing a club rather than a festival. This was interesting, I thought, since during the gig itself he seemed to me to be rather unhappy with the sound mix. Anyway, he said that Anna was a lovely person to work with - of course - and was very different off stage than on - equally, of course! - I told him how often I had seen her and he said that I had been at more Anna gigs than he had, even though he was in the band! There was some banter about restraining orders. At least, I hope it was banter ... Anyway, then the conversation moved on to Cologne. This I thought was quite interesting. He explained that the Cologne invitation had come as one among many that were not taken up - very much as Hiroki had told us - and there was no intention of taking them up on it. I told him that we were impressed by the way that - admittedly after the tickets had gone on sale, briefly - this whole sorry affair had been handled. He was genuinely very glad to hear this, and said that he would pass this on to Anna, since she was very concerned that we might have blamed her for this. I assured him that this was not so. I think that all of this was genuine, that he would pass this on, and that Anna really was concerned. Well, then I had to leave to get my train.


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Re: Anna at Moseley Folk Festival
« Reply #16 on: September 08, 2015, 09:18:36 PM »
Thanks for this Pete, maybe festivals aren't the work of Stan after all. Sounds like you had a great time.

Looked at me gone out: blast from the past there ...

Michael G

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Re: Anna at Moseley Folk Festival
« Reply #17 on: September 08, 2015, 09:50:52 PM »
Thanks Peter for your report, sounds like a good little festival.
  Glad you were able to speak to Ben about the ' Cologne Incident ' .
   I am sure we all know that Anna is in no way responsible , but her concern proves her integrity   :)
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Re: Anna at Moseley Folk Festival
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About the lack of audio and video recordings (specially the French ones):