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Classic gigs
« on: September 09, 2015, 11:31:02 PM »
Are there any Anna gigs that you've been to that you think will pass down into Calvi folklore, for good or bad? Which ones will be spoken of in revered hush in a generation down the line "daddy cricket, you mean you were there?"

Well, each one I've been to feels like an event... Pissing rain at Somerset House, new album preview at Wilton's, Dan's last show, troxy followed by solo show, two gigs with choir and orchestra... Any better than that? I wish I'd seen some earlier ones, and I'm lead to believe some were better music-wise (Troxy show was the finest musically I've seen). I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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Re: Classic gigs
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2015, 02:22:35 AM »
It's hard to be objective about this. I've seen Anna six time (Vicar Street, 3 Arena supporting Morrissey, Burgundy Stain Sessions with  Thomas Bartlett et al, Brighton Dome and twice  at The Hub at this year's Edinburgh Festival. All are these are memorable for many reasons (which I'll expand on at another time) and musically Vicar Street, Brighton and the secongd night in Edinburgh were the best.
The one gig that will pass in my folklore has to be Vicar Street in Feb 2014. It was the fist time I'd seen Anna live, she looked absolutely gorgeous with her Wella curls and black outfit (being a hertrosexual male that's bound to leave an impression), I was about ten feet from her, directly in front, and I was spellbound. I've uploaded this video already here, but look at Anna performing "Sing to Me" that night and you'll see:

Her voice is so sultry, her diction crystal clear, she is looking directly at me (or rather at the camera) and it's just her and me in the whole venue - she is literally singing to me.

Here are a couple of more videos I took on that fatefull night, neither complete alas:

Love Won't Be Leaving:       

Carry Me Over:   

The atmosphere in the hall was electric due to Anna's amazing immersion in her music; you can really see in the way she is playing the guitar in LWBL.

Finally, has there been a more energising and earthy performace by Anna of  "Susanne and I"? Not for me:

Thanks, MrCricket for opening this topic.


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Re: Classic gigs
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2015, 11:20:06 AM »
Breathtaking videos, Riverrun.  Have just watched these at work and that version of Suzanne and I has left me quite ruined and incapable of doing anything useful for the rest of the day. Thanks!

My favourite gig was Wilton's Music Hall as this Victorian gem seemed the perfect venue for AC as far as decor and atmosphere. I loved the damp, rickety seats upstairs on the side where I could perch before the show and then I remember watching the crowds in the stalls as nerves and excitement politely bubbled away in anticipation of the first live outing of the second album.  Then out she came and blasted into S&I and we knew our girl was back.

Having said that Somerset House was special too. I've never been so happy to be totally drenched and met lots of lovely people from France who let me huddle around their cigarettes for warmth. Hypothermia would have been a small price to pay.... 
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Re: Classic gigs
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2015, 04:37:24 PM »
Enjoyed reading your thoughts and watching those videos. Now with having seen Anna only a few times live so far and therefore being not really that experienced and not an expert in terms of Anna-Calvi-gigs, I can however say that still her performances certainly blew my mind and are all classics for me. I've been to a lot of gigs all through the years, but apart from Kate Bush ( and David Bowie to a certain extent ) I've never seen anybody so breathtakingly brilliant as Anna.

As it is often with "First Times", the first gig I attended was the one that is stuck in my mind most, because it was such a tiny venue ( in Germany), stuffed with 400 people, and this provided a very intimate atmosphere between Anna and the audience ( not that there isn't always a kind of special connection between Anna and the crowd at her shows, but I felt it in particular here ). Though I also agree with the reviewer of that show who complained that "'s a shame that such a talented girl who could easily compete with Jimi Hendrix and sings notes that likes of Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus don't even know they exist, has to play in such small venues and doesn't get any radio airplay....."
And quoting some other fan commenting somewhere else on another show ".... she was literally eyefucking her audience.."  ;D, well, yes, quite an appropriate expression of what happens at Anna's gigs and it seems to work the better the smaller the venue is, though I experienced it even more at the next gig I went to, and that venue was almost double the size.
Riverrun, you've got the point that Anna can make you feel as if she's only singing for you - a very rare gift, not to mention that some of her songs can make you feel as if she's written them only for you, but that's another story......
Of course, I had watched some of her shows on Youtube before, but seeing and hearing her play songs such as LWBL live was the ultimate Woah-effect, totally and utterly and literally breathtaking- I really think I forgot to breathe a few times because I was so jaw droppingly in awe of her :D.
I'd also like to praise the sound engineer she used for that tour- it was such a perfect crystal clear sound I hardly ever hear at concerts. So whoever that guy was, Anna better take him for mixing her next album and NOT John Congleton.
After the show I talked to some people who hadn't heard of Anna before and only came on recommendation of the local newspaper, they were smashed and immediately went to buy her albums :).

So to cut a long story short: Anna Calvi rocks :).
Mox nox.